Why do we have satisfied customers?

Like you, many of the companies are forced to suffer daily disorganization in the management of product information and digital content.

On Page® is a concrete tool and a definitive solution to solve this chaos.

Because it is designed to centralize, synchronize and update the data that feeds all the sales tools in one, intuitive PIM software.

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Stories of companies using
On Page®

Companies which have solved the problem of product informationand digital content forever, thanks to On Page®.

BOFFI Maurizio Gargano, Head of Publishing.

We chose the On Page® system, one of the most advanced that was proposed to us, because of the extreme flexibility with which it is possible to create and optimise all procedures relating to price lists, which use highly complex and constantly evolving content. The centrality of information also avoids us having to replicate the compiling of information for management and commercial processes

Stefania Scandella, Communication and PR Specialist.

The graphic interface is extremely intuitive, and the phrasebook is a highly useful tool for "normalising" and carrying out language translation. Convenient not only for creating and updating catalogues, but also for quickly creating preview product sheets on various product developments.

Luca Mascarucci, Technical Department.

It can easily handle a large amount of complicated data. User-friendly interface and adaptability to any graphic project. Time savings thanks to automatic layout. Quick correction of errors and inaccuracies. The phrasebook offers optimised management of multilingual translations.

Mario De Vita, Marketing Coordinator and DTP Manager.

After re-optimising product information using the print previews and the On Page® controls, we generated the executive print for our price lists, consisting of over 600 pages, in just a few hours, with a significant reduction in production times and costs. On Page® is also an effective tool in the controlled management of languages, enabling you to consistently reuse company technical terminologies. By generating different dedicated language versions instantly, the same goes for contents with different currencies or prices.

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