How to finance the digital transformation of Italian SMEs

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Why companies need to digitally transform

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The first step for digital transformation passes through the digitization of product information, from here the foundations of every future process are built.

Webinar’s Topic

  • Italian Business Scenario: the point on digitization
  • Gap between the evolution of the world of sales compared to the digital literacy of the business world
  • The PIM: the solution is the digitization of product information
  • How to get subsidized finance contributions with Innova Finance
  • Digital Transformation
  • E-commerce Simest
  • Voucher Digitali 4.0


Start from the ground up to build your success, learn about PIM Product Information Management

PIM, acronym for Product Information Management,is a software that allows you to collect, organize and publish product information on various communication and distribution channels, online and offline.

PIM solutions allow marketing and sales to coherently group and organize all useful product information and declare it quickly and accurately through different distribution channels: printed catalogs, price lists, data sheets, websites, e-commerce, apps.

With a PIM you can reduce the time and costs of implementation / management by eliminating the risk of errors.


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