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The On Page interface ® allows me to easily manage a large amount of data while saving time and reducing errors.
Luca Mascarucci
Technical Office
On Page® allowed us to organize all the materials we had, collecting and refining all of the technical data and files in a single place.
Matteo Botner
R&D Manager
Onpage is a simple software to use that give the possibility to automatically impaginate all data that can be included in a price-list. For a company like us that manage 6 languages in one price list, it easy to do thanks to a dictionary of all the words and thanks to the possibility to extract all in a one file Excel.
Silvia Zanetti
Marketing Manager
Everything can be done with this tool, but the most usueful thing is the automatic generation of price-lists and complex specsheet which in the traditional way would require 10 times more efforts. One of the most incredible things about Onpage®, is that there are no compromises on fixed templates or other restrictions: I decide what I need and On Page does it
Stefano Lovisotto
Brand Director
It is a handy tool, not only for creating and updating catalogs but also for creating product sheets with all the latest news.
Stefania Scandella
Communication & PR Specialist
We had a problem managing the information for our 1,600+ products, which we need to replicate on various websites, catalogs, price lists and our CRM. Thanks to On Page®, we were able to manage them with considerable time savings, increased quality and reduced errors.
Pietro Cereda
Marketing Manager
Since we did not have an up-to-date database, every time we had to change the catalog, it was a really long and complicated process. Today, with OnPage®, we can have a fast, constant and always up-to-date workflow; and we have gone from a catalog in only 2 languages to one with no less than 5 languages
Michele Brugnaro
Commercial Manager