Pim integration: why it is important to have a pim software that integrates with your company databases

PIM integration

Pim integration: what integration means for b2b companies

Why is pim integration essentialand how is it configured in the digital ecosystem of your b2b company? I believe this is the most important question that is stopping dozens of companies from taking the first step towards digital transformation.

In fact, companies are terrified of introducing new software or a new process within them, due to the impact it can have especially on human resources.

In companies, the concept reigns “I’ve always done this, why do I have to change?” or the biggest obstacle is “do I have to learn how to use new software?”. To grow your company and the people who work there, you cannot ignore innovation and technology, but you must ride it and exploit it!

For all these reasons it is important not only to choose software that will make you take 10 steps forward, but with zero impact on the company, with ease of integration and use for the people who need to use it.


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Catalogs creation

  • By defining pagination rules, the entire catalog can be generated with a plugin dedicated to automation for InDesign.
    Say goodbye to endless proofreading, input errors and maintenance difficulties – with On Page® your catalog will be updated in one click – literally.
  • Documents: data sheets, labels, emotional brochures… don’t let others draw them, you design them! With our Template Builder you can represent what you want, however you want.
    Thanks to automatic generation, your documents will always be up to date.

Siti web e E-commerce

  • On Page® offers outstanding solutions for e-commerce and websites, dedicated to Italian and international markets.
  • – WordPress: discover the simplest and most secure integration with your website, thanks to our Woocommerce plugin you can quickly create or update corporate or e-commerce websites in all languages.
  • – Laravel: to make your site faster, choose this plugin designed to be simple and efficient. In a couple of minutes your developers will be ready to use it: seeing is believing!
  • – Other links: through our libraries, it is possible to integrate in a few days with the largest e-commerce: Shopify, Storeden, Bindcommerce

App Builder

  • Through our App Builder you can create your own app, without learning any code! Design the pages of your app, with your colours, your fonts and your data. Our apps are superb for commercial areas, technical support, or to show your creations to the world.

On Page® is the first PIM that integrates with all your business databases and adapts to your needs.

On Page® PIM centralises product information for publication in catalogs, e-commerce activities, websites and apps, and keeps them permanently synchronized.

The On Page® PIM interface is highly intuitive, so as to facilitate the sharing of product information and digital content. Everyone in your company will be able to check, update, share and enrich data, immediately and simply.


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