PIM Software: 10 Problems That Solves Forever!

Product Information Management

PIM software, do you know why you need it?

PIM software is an indispensable tool for companies that have big problems management and organization of product information that usually appear in catalogs that are released after months or price lists that are never updated or e-commerce that does not perform because half of the data is missing.

Digitizing product information serves precisely to be able to distribute it on:

  • paper and digital catalogs, price lists, technical sheets or manuals
  • websites and e-commerce and apps
  • marketplaces of all kinds

10 problems solved with PIM software

  1. Collaboration between teams to work on the same updated data and not run after excel or post it files with changes and product data
  2. It is enough to have a thousand scattered software that do not communicate with each other, the PIM software integrates with databases, management, ERP, DAM, CMS, CRM without problems
  3. A software that graphic designers and marketers can use without needing to know code and programming
  4. Finally the salesman will be able to make commercial offers with templates that can be read in a few clicks
  5. Updated price lists, without errors and typos
  6. Going abroad will no longer be a problem, thanks to the multilingual management of the PIM software and the phrasebook
  7. E-commerce and marketplace ready immediately thanks to the centralization of product information and real-time synchronization
  8. Creative and editing freedom thanks to the simplified editor
  9. Time to market reduced to the bone thanks to the speed with which to create catalogs and price lists for the market
  10. You can work anywhere, in the cloud, quickly and smoothly

On Page® integrates with your databases and business management in a simple and secure way

We thought of On Page® as a software that was flexible and adaptable to the needs of Italian SMEs and Large Enterprises. Companies that don’t take full advantage of the greatest treasure they have, product information!


This is why we have decided to make integration one of our strengths, to ensure Italian companies a true zero impact.
If you want to discover all the integrations, look at the dedicated section of our site “PIM integrations”

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