PIM software demo: why you have to do it even if you don’t know what Product Information Management is

PIM Product Information Management

PIM software demo: what is it for?

Thanks to the Demo PIM software you will be able to see with your own eyes what are the immediate advantages that a Product Information Management can offer you. A software created to give concrete solutions against the chaos of product information.

In Italy, PIM software is still little known, but it is gaining ground in all companies that need to digitize product information to distribute it on catalogs, price lists, commercial offers, data sheets, apps, websites and e-commerce.

A single place to centralize information and digital content such as images, drawings, pdfs, videos etc.

Gain your competitive advantage and find out now how the PIM platform can enhance your online and offline trading tools!


PIM software features and integrations

  • A single PIM platform where to centralize, manage and update all product information and digital content
  • Ability to create catalogs, price lists, technical data sheetsand quotes by halving time and costs
  • A single hub with different accounts to collaborate even remotely
  • Possibility of integrations with databases, CRM, CSM, ERP and business software
  • Simplicity in the distribution of product information on international marketplaces
  • Simplified language management

How the On Page® Demo works

On Page® is the PIM software that allows you to solve forever the problem of thedigitization of product information, which always seems an insurmountable obstacle, but which instead is the lifeblood for SMEs and large companies that produce or market hundreds of products with variants and options.

To understand in person what are all the problems it solves, it is necessary to do a Demo, test the software with our technical consultants and really verify the ease of use. During the Demo you will see how digital content and product information are managed and centralized. How you can create documents and data sheets in just a few clicks.


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