PIM software: the first step in the digital transformation of B2B

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PIM software: what is it?

PIM Product Information Management is software designed to simplify work within a company that manages a large amount of product data and information on a daily basis.

In fact, it takes care of collecting, organizing and managing all the information of a specific product and transmitting it on various channels: catalog, price list, e-commerce, website, app and commercial offer.

Product information: your black gold

Product information represents the greatest value of a B2B company: digitizing this data means building a solid foundation for every present and future sales tool. Today we know e-commerce and marketplaces, for which it is essential that all product information is correct and aligned.Tomorrow we do not know which other distribution channels will be able to develop to remain competitive on the market and increase their turnover.

Digital transformationpasses through the digitization of product information and a company that does not recognize the value of its product data is doomed to fail in the digital transformation.

Continue reading the article if you want to discover all the advantages of the features of a software PIM for your company.

PIM Product Information Management: Features and Benefits

1. Data management

The organization of the data of our products is a fundamental step to be able to carry out a digital transformation. The PIM software collects all the data that a company keeps on different media and imports them into a single place. Within it, the data is organized, modified and updated in real time for each user.

2. Data control

The PIM software allows multiple offices within a company to access, update and monitor product data simultaneously. All without the risk of dissemination of outdated or incorrect or untranslated data. The PIM in the cloud, unlike the Open Source one, allows anyone with access to the software to work from any place and device.

3. Data export

PIM Product Information Management allows you to choose which data to publish, in which language to do it and above all in the medium you prefer: website, e-commerce, app, price list and commercial offer.

With On Page® you can create and publish your product information on any catalog or price list in no time. All thanks to automatic and relational pagination.

It is a tool that allows multiple members of the same team to collaborate in entering and managing product information.

It can create and print documents if necessary enriched with all the photos, technical drawings and information useful for the sale, always updated and available in real time.

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