5 aspects to choose the PIM for your company

5 aspects of PIM
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Digital transformation starts here

In choosing aPIM Product Information Management for your company, the first evaluation is internal, that is to understand clearly the context, therefore the state of affairs on the following points:


  • corporate culture in terms ofinformation organization
  • current modus operandi, index of the sustainability of a conversion of the operators involved
  • availability of structured data bases (Management, ERP, PLM, PDM, CRM, etc.) sources to be connected to the PIM

The second evaluation concerns the outside world and therefore how our competitors are moving, what tools they have adopted and how they are digitizing their company to be more competitive.

How to choose the software PIM

We have identified 5 aspects that will help you choose the best PIM software for your company, obtaining immediate benefits, simplifying the management of your communication and sales tools:


If the company is approaching this issue for the first time, it will mainly have to take care of the adaptability of the PIM solution, that is, the ease of learning of the software by the information editors (office technical, R&D, commercial, communication and marketing,

These tools will also be given the task of automatically producing technical data sheets, product sheets, ad hoc commercial dossiers without going through a pager.

Preview prints

A fundamental prerequisite in the case of original equipment is the ability to represent the information in preview prints that allow convenient consultation of the information, a bit like it was done when checking the drafts of the catalogs.

These tools will also be given the task of automatically producing technical data sheets, product sheets, ad hoc commercial dossiers without going through a pager.


Dato puro

Another preliminary question that we must ask ourselves is: what repercussions will the data have once organized? What destinations will it take? Print, digital or both?
Often the role is transversal, so the information organized in a PIM can feed a catalog, an e-commerce site, a mobile app, a marketplace, etc.

Hence a fundamental assumption: the data must be pure, without contamination of graphic attributes or tags, for example. When you meet a PIM born from graphic layout, this requirement is often not found, because it is designed for a single destination; the paper.


Open Sources Integrations

When evaluating a PIM for digital and paper destinations, a fundamental aspect is the availability for integration, which can in part be declared with collectors already available, to name a few: SAP, Saleforce, Magento, Woocommerce.

In reality, the aspect that will determine the longevity of the plant is the availability of the source code, an Open Sources solution, for example, will ensure wide availability and ease of any future integration.


Linguistic localization

Another function that cannot be missing is a system of control of the sentences and therefore of the relative translations in the language.
This automatic supervision will make it possible to maintain a coherent language and above all to capitalize on the translations by limiting the cost of the same in the future.

Connections with the main CAT assisted translation systems, such as SDL Trados, rather than the implementation of automatic translation systems such as Deepl will allow us to eliminate the localization time of our communication tools.

Why choose On Page®

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Hundreds of customers every day use our PIM and Communication Data Manager to collect, organize, publish and update their product data on catalogs, price lists, websites, e-commerce and apps.

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