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Product Information Management
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Product information: why return the order to the company?

It is always difficult for businesses to talk about product information management. There are many interpretations and each role within the company presents different problems and needs. What brings the internal figures into agreement is the need to digitize all product information in order to make them easily accessible and available.

But what to use? Opinions can be varied, there are those who argue that all product information should be hosted within the company ERP, and those who favor the most common digital tools such as the website or e-commerce.


The large amount of choice certainly does not help to create order in the company. The organization of product information is a problem that must be managed with the right attention, and above all with the right software.
In fact, there are two issues to investigate:

  • Where can I host all the product information?
  • Which subjects do I need to be able to use it?

There is a need for software that is able to answer these questions and be used by every company team, even remotely.


Why use software to manage product information?

The first need that the PIM software will have to respect is that of not upsetting the existing internal company structure, but simply of integrating and digitizing it. Precisely for this reason it is essential that we think of it as a new archive where all product information can be conveyed. Another feature that this type of organization must have is the ability to be recognized as a place from which:

  • create documents such as pdf, price lists, catalogs;
  • distribute the information created to the destinations you most want such as: websites, e-commerce, apps, catalogs, price lists.

The second need is to understand which and how many resources are required, both in monetary terms and in human skills. The word product information management software may be scary and not so straightforward. Precisely for this reason it is good to clarify that: even internal figures such as technicians, marketing, communication and commercial operators can safely use this technology.

What is essential to understand is that renovating and digitizing the company does not necessarily have to involve a waste of energy and massive investments of time for training, adoption and integration of technology within its own structure


A solution within everyone’s reach: On Page, the first PIM software designed for Marketing

In the current panorama there is a software able to manage all the product information, that is the PIM Product Information Management. It performs the following functions:

  • allows all departments to work in synergy with each other (from marketing, to IT, to sales);
  • you can enter all the product data at your disposal;
  • all product information can be changed uniquely;
  • you can organize all the data in such a way as to make them easily accessible within a single place;
  • allows you to go online simultaneously on all platforms you own.


Can’t believe it?

For example On Page® it is a PIM software that allows companies to work synergistically within the platform, it has an intuitive and user friendly interface. Furthermore, it does not need continuous assistance or coding skills to be used!

Inside you can manage all the product information you want to create content for: price lists, catalogs, websites, apps, e-commerce. And if you are also a company that needs language translations, don’t worry: On Page has a multilingual phrasebook inside that can translate texts and information.

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Experience first-hand what it’s like to enter the paradise of centralized and automatically updated product information!

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