How a data management software works


What does a data management software do?

A product data management software allows you to centralize all product information and digital assets in order to keep them updated and synchronized with sales and marketing tools.

Collecting and organizing product information, in fact, is essential in order to create catalogs, price lists, technical or product sheets and to update e-commerce, market plce, websites or apps.

A data management software is therefore the basis from which to start digitizing product information and making it accessible to all stakeholders and shareholders.

Features, prices, dimensions, measurements, images, videos, pdfs and all the information necessary to place a product on the market.

6 essential features of a data management software

Let’s see what are the main features that a data management software must have toimprove the performance of the typical SME operating in the B2B world, companies that produce and / or market hundreds and thousands of products per year.

  1. Centralized management of all product information and digital content. Let’s talk about name, description, dimensions, measurements, certifications, images, videos, documents, product sheets etc.
  2. Integrated SEO to optimize each product for search engines independently thanks to dedicated modules.
  3. Automatic translation and multilingual phrasebook to halve the time spent on translations and their management.
  4. In the cloud to be used anywhere in the world without overloading company infrastructures.
  5. Collaborative tools such as task management so that communication between one company department and another is streamlined and productive.
  6. Flexible and dynamic to integrate perfectly with all existing company databases and software such as CMS, CRM, ERP etc.

On Page® is the first PIM with DAM functionality

On Page® is the first PIM software made in Italy which is also a DAM to offer you all the features and benefits essential for the management of product information and digital assets.

A PIM platform that embodies the 5 fundamental characteristics of a software for data management: ease of use, cloud software that can be used anywhere, complete integration with any database and company software, multilingual management with automatic translator, customizable layouts to read the product information clearly.


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