PIM for eCommerce: 5 fundamental aspects for integration

PIM for e-commerce
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PIM for eCommerce: because together they are winning

Why should you have an eCommerce Pim that integrates with your business database and manages product and digital asset information? Why does PIM software and your e-commerce together optimize resources and get your business off the ground?


Let’s find out together what are the 5 fundamental aspects for integration and how we can maximize our online shop thanks to the greatest treasure that every company has: product information!

5 fundamental aspects of PIM integration for eCommerce


On Page PIM
  1. The PIM software allows you to have all product information and all digital assets in one place. The fact that it integrates perfectly with your e-commerce allows you to update and synchronize your products in just a few clicks.
  2. Each product can be easily translated into different languages for foreign markets when PIM Product Information Management has a phrasebook and an integrated translation system.
  3. Creating your catalog or digital price list is very simple thanks to data sharing, it takes just a few clicks.
  4. Access to marketplaces is facilitated thanks to the PIM integration for eCommerce.
  5. Do you want to change eCommerca from Magento to Shopify to Storeden? No problem if your PIM has a flexible structure to integrate seamlessly with any eCommerca technology.

On Page, the PIM for eCommerce


On Page® offers outstanding solutions for e-commerce and websites, dedicated to Italian and international markets.
– WordPress: discover the simplest and most secure integration with your website, thanks to our Woocommerce plugin you can quickly create or update corporate or e-commerce websites in all languages.

– Laravel: to make your site faster, choose this plugin designed to be simple and efficient. In a couple of minutes your developers will be ready to use it: seeing is believing!
– Other links: through our libraries, it is possible to integrate in a few
with the largest e-commerce enterprises: Shopify, Storeden, Bindcommerce

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