PIM software: advantages and disadvantages for your SME

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Are you ready to digitize product information with PIM software?

You are considering a software PIM? If you already use an ERP in your company, it means that you understand the importance of having a single hub to manage processes and information, but as we explained in our last blog post “ERP and PIM: how to integrate business processes and product information” it is important to combine it with a PIM software to have any type of product data digitized and always available.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of adopting a Product Information Management in your company? How can you seriously assess whether the time is right to take your big step in digital transformation?

3 advantages of adopting PIM software

Let’s find out together what are the main advantages that you will find immediately, using a Product Information Management:

  • Digitize product information is the first step in digital transformation and allows you to have everything always available for any communication or sales channel, online and offline.
  • All in one place it means a single cloud and multi-user hub where all company teams can work by assigning tags and tasks to be performed, to make work lean and fluid. It means “zero barriers” because you work effectively and efficiently even in smart working, collaborating in the best possible way
  • Reduce uptime by 80% and to really focus on the strategies that are what make your business grow.

3 svantaggi per i quali non sei pronto al PIM software

Are there really any disadvantages of adopting Product Information Management? If your company is not ready, you could take a Ferrari home and use it as a wooden cart, so read the next 3 points carefully.

  • Everyone has to take their own responsibilities, with a PIM you have no more excuses, everything is tracked and the tasks are clear and defined.
  • You can no longer say “we have always done this” because digital transformation means innovating, putting yourself to the test, facing and riding the change.
  • You must collect all information in a correct and structured way because the PIM is your database and all your sales tools are created and updated from it in one click.

On Page® is the ultimate solution to the product information problem

Much more than automatic page layout software! With On Page® you completely revolutionize the way you work.

All product data are integrated into a single source, On Page®, and can be consulted graphically and easily. Just a click away, whenever you need it.

In addition, thanks to automatic or relational pagination, you can reduce production times for even very complex product catalogs by up to 80%, without the possibility of error.

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