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How product information management helps business departments to work better

The PIM software is an indispensable tool for companies that manage product information through excel files, word files, notes and any other form of data collection. Why? Simple, it allows you to have a single source of information in which you can collect, organize and publish your products on catalogs, price lists, data sheets, websites, e-commerce and apps.

In this video Pierluigi Bazzo, R&D Manager of On Page explains the typical problems of the marketing department and how to solve them thanks to PIM Product Information Management.

How PIM improves workflows

The perfect solution is the use of On Page, which through an automatic datapublishing plugin allows you to eliminate typing errors and those due to inaccuracies in the transmission of data between offices.

Furthermore, its management of translations through phrasebook will allow you to effortlessly manage language changes in a completely automatic way, making the creation of your different print executives very easy and fast. In this image we show you how simple it is to use the phrasebook and you can do it in all languages of the world. Not only that, if you work with a translation agency, you can give direct access to insert texts directly here, without a thousand e-mails, flying Excel or Word files and messed up copy and paste.

How? Simple, each person is responsible for the data they enter and each task is assigned via a tag which therefore makes it impossible to make mistakes. Even more so if you work in smartworking, the PIM in the cloud allows you to work on product information from anywhere in the world, without creating delays or having to physically see team members to collect data and maybe update it quickly.

Thanks to the PIM software, every modification is automatically updated so the possibility of error, once again, is reset.

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