Data management: 3 fundamental tools for your company

data management

Data management between online and offline

Data management is a much discussed topic in the company because it usually involves hours of operational work, often subject to errors, typos and missing updates.

Collecting and organizing product information,digital content such as images, videos or pdfs and all the data that run in a classic SME, is one of the most delicate and important activities there is, not to be underestimated.

When we need to create catalogs, price lists, technical data sheets, both digital and paper manuals or we need to update websites, e-commerce, app marketplaces of all kinds, data management is the starting point.

If the data is not organized we cannot create any commercial tools, we cannot sell. our products!

3 fundamental tools for data management


Indispensable to collect information from leads, prospects and customers, it is the heart of marketing and sales. Every company should have a CRM not only to better manage its contacts but above all to increase its turnover: in fact, if you correctly track every information and action of a user it is easier and more effective to propose your products and services.

When a lead becomes a customer, thanks to all the data collected on his journey with our company, a cross-selling strategy becomes a breeze. Not only. Thanks to the pipeline it is possible to have precise statistics on conversion rates, on the bottlenecks that block a potential customer, fantastic!


The software dedicated to product information, essential when dealing with many products, variants, options, sizes and features and above all languages to manage.

The PIM software concretely helps in data management because in a single hub it collects all the information and makes it available to distribute it on catalogs, price lists, data sheets, websites, e-commerce and apps.


DAM is the software used by those who manage a lot of digital content and need to adapt them to different formats and media. Images, photos, videos but also pdfs and any other digital asset.

Loved in the fashion world because online and offline sharing in magazines, blogs, social media and e-commerce is simplified.

On Page® is the first PIM designed for Marketing

We thought of On Page® as the best ally of marketers and graphic designers who struggle every day against the chaos of product information and digital content. Our PIM software is also a DAM to give the marketing department all the functionality it needs.


Zero impact integrations, quick and easy training, you don’t need to know any programming code to use On Page®! You will finally be able to centralize all the data in a single platform and distribute them on catalogs, price lists, technical data sheets but also websites, apps and e-commerce.

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