Features and differences between PIM and DAM

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We have seen which is the difference between IMP and DAM: the D.A.M. Digital Asset Management (or Madia Asset Management) is the integrated system for centralized strategic management of content.

The P.I.M Product Information Management is your product information management system that includes features, descriptions, sizes, prices, options, data sheets, images etc.

Now let’s find out the features of both and what advantages they offer.

Features PIM Product Information Management

ThePIM solutions allow tomarketing and sales to group and organize all information in a coherent manner of productuseful and decline them quickly and accurately through different distribution channels:printed catalogs, websites, e-commerce, ERP.

The main features are:

  • The functions Save time

Automatic pagination in InDesign

Automatic layout of commercial documents

Work as a team with multi-user functionality

Automatic layout of commercial documents

  • Error free functions

Data management in the cloud

Automatic synchronization

  • Functions for internationalization

Translation management

Currency management

  • The functions to automate the work

Automatic pagination on On Page

Quick search and consultation

Excel import and export

Data digitization

  • The functions to save

Print On Demand

Automatic pagination

Preview prints

Fast massive synchronization

Features DAM Digital Asset Management

The D.A.M. or better, Digital Asset Management (or Madia Asset Management) is the integrated system for the centralized strategic management of contents. It is the software that allows you to create, organize and distribute content on different channels such as websites and applications, and increases the effectiveness of communication.

It is used to centralize and organize resources in a single, easy-to-access library. Leverage search, download, and share capabilities to ensure assets are properly leveraged by employees, agencies and partners.

A Digital Asset Management system simplifies the download of digital assets, in the necessary format and resolution, ready to use, for use on paper or the web.

On Page the first PIM designed for marketing

On Page

On Page® allows you to easily manage, update and publish in real time, all product information su paper, web and app documents.

Much more than a PIM Product Information Management, simple and intuitive, perfect for companies, SMEs, marketing offices and technical commercial teams.

A single hub available in the cloud that allows you to work in smart working, to collaborate smoothly and productively with different teams and locations.

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