PIM Product Information Management software: how to choose your supplier

PIM Product Information Management
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The advantages of the PIM Product Information Management software

PIM Product Information Management software offers the possibility to have all product information(variants, options, finishes, sizes, codes, prices, etc.) and all digital assets (images, videos, pdfs, documents) in a single hub that is always available and shareable with different teams.


The PIM software not only allows you to collect, order and update all product information, but above all to distribute it on the various communication and marketing channels and tools: e-commerce, websites, apps, catalogs and price lists.

4 things to consider when choosing your PIM software provider


  1. Developing PIM software in-houseis essential if you expect your supplier to offer you customizations, integrations and flexibility.
  2. Choose a supplier who understands the importance of internationalization for your company and offers you software that at least has a multilingual phrasebook that allows you to implement infinite languages in a reasonable time.
  3. Attention to training, it is an aspect that should not be underestimated when you have to use the PIM yourself. Choose a PIM platform that is intuitive, simple and does not require full days of training to understand how it works.
  4. Dedicated account, you need a supplier who dedicates you a specialist to have 0 impact with respect to the entry of the new softwarewhich obviously will have to integrate perfectly with CRM, CMS, ERP or everything you already use in the company.


On Page® your PIM Product Information Management software simple and flexible

On Page® is a personalisable, flexible and above all adaptable structure, designed to solve the complexities of your company in a secure and effective way.
Perfectly adaptable to any type of product, sector and sales channel. Integration with On Page® PIM is easier than you imagine.
The data already present in your management systems, databases and company software will integrate directly in a few steps

On Page® counts and brings together recurring phrases used in texts, notices redundancies and creates a uniform corporate language. With the complete phrasebook, one click is enough to correct missing sentences or to be revised, which are presented in an aggregate manner in the form of a simple list, in all the languages of the world.

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