PIM Product Information Management: when is it really needed?

PIM Product Information Management
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Are you ready for PIM Product Information Management?

If you are considering the idea of adopting a PIM Product Information Managementin the company to manage all product information and permanently eliminate errors, typos and have all the data updated online and offline, this is the blogpost for you!

Let’s find out what are the points to consider to understand if you really need a software PIM and how it can improve business performance.

PIM Product Information Management 5 features to solve 5 problems

  • If you already useInDesign to create your catalogs or price lists, thanks to the PIM software you can publish your documents automatically thanks to the Indesign Plug in for automatic or relational pagination. You can create an automatic print preview that generates a PDF document for digital use. You will save up to 85% of time.
  • You will be able to publish product information directly from the PIM to your website. Welcome one click update!
  • You can publish the product information on the Appin a simple way: in a few minutes your App will be ready and synchronized with the data available in your PIM software.
  • It is a shared environment, each user can have a specific role, power, and perform certain actions. All departments will be able to act simultaneously, each for their own competence, communicating with each other through tags and notifications. The monitoring of the histories will allow to recognize the author and the date of all the actions on the information.
  • Create and manage multilingual versions of your communication tools quickly and accurately. Easily manage dedicated prices by geographic area, market, distribution and currency.

On Page at your side in the digital transformation

On On Page® you can collect all information relating to the product in a single container: images, prices, videos, multilingual descriptions, model indications, finishes and related accessories. On cloud! An intuitive and very easy-to-use dashboard will allow you to easily organize information and product categories, in collaboration with all company departments.

Layout and publish catalogs, websites and mobile apps with just a few clicks. Update information in real time and manage timely or massive changes.

On Page

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