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Many wonder which is the difference between PIM and DAM because when a company is about to evaluate a tool fororganization of the product data, has to deal with a thousand acronyms since P.I.M. to D.A.M, C.D.M., P.D.M., P.L.M ecc.

So let’s begin to clarify because they are tools that not only perform different functions but that have meaning in proportion to the organizational culture of the company.

PIM Product Information Management

The P.I.M. alias Product Information Management is a term that indicates the processes and technologies for centrally managing information describing products from the customer’s point of view.

The PIM solutions allow to marketing and sales to group and organize all informationin a coherent manner of product useful and decline them quickly and accurately through different distribution channels: printed catalogs, websites, e-commerce, ERP.

In this way it is possible to customize and automatically filter information relating to product range, prices and currencies, descriptions and translations. Product Information Management means the media-neutral management of all information on products and the company addressed to different publication channels.

DAM Digital Asset Management

The D.A.M. or Digital Asset Management (or Madia Asset Management) is the integrated system for the centralized strategic management of content. It is the software that allows you to create, organize and distribute content on different channels such as websites and applications, and increases the effectiveness of communication. It is used for centralize and organize resources in a single library easy to access.

Leverage search, download, and share capabilities to ensure assets are properly leveraged by employees, agencies and partners.
A Digital Asset Management system simplifies the download of digital assets, in the necessary format and resolution, ready to use, for use on paper or the web.

PIM and DAM, the functionalities

So if we wanted to simplify, the DAM is an organized and secure archive of media, for the use of all the actors involved in the publication, the PIM a neutral Data Base of textual information, images, drawings, videos organized in a coherent way with respect to the product and the usability of the customer and within the company.

Product Information Management is also the central government of all product information published on paper or digital. So the value of one plant compared to the other depends on the business context. The P.I.M. in small and medium-sized enterprises, it is certainly the first step in organizing the product data, therefore in solving the problem of managing and implementing all the communication tools.

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