Pim software: all product information in one place, forever.

PIM Software
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Because Pim Software is your first ally.

We have discovered what is PIM Software and why you need it in your daily work, how useful it is to collaborate with your colleagues from different departments: marketing, sales, production, IT. We have understood that especially now that we work in smart working and remotely, having a tool like a PIM in cloud is crucial, what is the next step then?

How can we really save 80% of our time from boring and repetitive activities to strategic and stimulating activities?

PIM software has the great advantage of being a central hub where all product information is conveyed,

which can be managed in a simple and immediate way compared to traditional methods.

On Page

How information management works in a software PIM

Thanks to PIM Product Information Management you can update and publish all the information of your products on:

  • catalog
  • price lists
  • Datasheet
  • commercial offers
  • website
  • e-commerce
  • app
  • marketplace

Collaboration between different teams, marketing, sales, IT, is facilitated by the possibility of accessing a single software in which everyone can change the same information permanently. You can assign tags as tasks to individual team members so that everyone knows exactly what to do and where, without wasting time looking for updates in emails, excel files, post-its and voice notes.

All your marketing and commercial tools will be updated at the same time in one click, really saving up to 80% of your time. Not only. You will finally be able to test new tools to promote your products because thanks to the centralized management you will not have to fear not to update all your material correctly. You will no longer waste time and patience on typos and blunders.

On Page the first PIM designed for marketing

The authors of On Page® wanted to design a unique solution, far from all other Product Information Management tools. Knowing the daily difficulties that marketing and communication managers face

they took care of the usability aspects, designing it in such a way that even inexperienced users could use it, eliminating the impact of the new tool on the company and stimulating collaboration between departments.

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