Product Information Management: the 5 main features

Product Information Management
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How Product Information Management solves your company’s problems

We understandwhat Product Information Management is, because it is imperative to organize product information in any B2B and B2C company. We have seen how, especially when it comes to e-commerce, the PIM is a basic element to optimize each activity and increase results.

Now it is essential to evaluate the 5 main features of the PIM to choose the most suitable one for your type of product and company.

5 features you can’t do without

When it comes to PIM software and solutions to real business problems, there are 5 fundamental features that should not be underestimated. Thanks to them you can not only digitize the product data and make it ready for your tools

commercial and marketing, as well as for websites, apps, e-commerce and marketplaces, but save up to 80% of time in operational activities to focus on strategic ones.

  • The functions Save time

Automatic pagination in InDesign

Automatic layout of commercial documents

Work as a team with multi-user functionality

Automatic layout of commercial documents

  • Error free functions

Data management in the cloud

Automatic synchronization

  • Functions for internationalization

Translation management

Currency management

  • The functions to automate the work

Automatic pagination on On Page

Quick search and consultation

Excel import and export

Data digitization

  • The functions to save

Print On Demand

Automatic pagination

Preview prints

Fast massive synchronization

On Page® is the ultimate solution to the product information problem

Much more than automatic page layout software! With On Page® you completely revolutionize the way you work.

All product data are integrated into a single source, On Page®, and can be consulted graphically and easily. Just a click away, whenever you need it.

In addition, thanks to automatic or relational pagination, you can reduce production times for even very complex product catalogs by up to 80%, without the possibility of error.

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